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**if you are a .5 size, size up**


General Design and Features:

  • Natural shaped footbed for more room and comfort.
  • Available in multiple widths.
  • Swappable insoles for seasonal comfort and longer lasting enjoyment.
  • Real Hair-On-Hide with metallic leather on shaft. 


Upper Design and Features:

  • 7.5-inch height shaft.
  • 100% real hair on hide.
  • Embossed and 2 color printed logos.
  • Fully lined in 100% real sheepskin fleece from shaft to toe. (no synthetic fleece)
  • Durable rear pull tab for easier slip on.
  • Narrow HD-binding around the edge of the bottom-sole for a slimmer look.


Insole Comfort Construction:

  • Removable insoles topped with 100% real sheepskin fleece.
  • 100% Real Sheepskin fleece allows for insoles to be washable.
  • Athletic Performance insole construction featuring the newest material technology, “Polyurethane Popcorn” with premium design feature “TPU Heel Clip” to ensure correct heel comfort and help correct any pronation.


Outsole Design and Features:

  • Durable Rubber-Lon EVA outsole for added grip and durability.
  • Hyper-Flex Groove design for added comfort and flex when walking.